ELECTRON was established in 1978 and since then has been a leading manufacturing and distributing company in the lighting field. The company has been active in the international field for more than 16 years and today exports its products in many countries worldwide, sealing its dynamic presence by participating in international lighting exhibitions around the world. It is located in Athens, Greece.

ELECTRON develops and produces LED architectural lighting. It consists of a compete series of outdoor luminaires with well-known and well established families of products such as Protagon, Elegant series, and a variety of linear slim IP67 custom made length luminaires so as to fit the dimensions and requirements of any façade or urban space. It offers a variety of outdoor inground, recessed, surface, wall luminaires and a large variety of outdoor projectors and spotlights. In terms of indoor luminaires, the range consists of a variety of custom made recessed, trimless, surface, wall and pendant luminaires with the use of  branded LEDs (Bridgelux, Cree, and Xicato). The LED strips of Electron SA offer the highest quality with a large variety in terms of intensity and density with excellent efficiency and high light outputs. Prime Series and Supreme series consist of the highest quality of LED strips using Nichia and Samsung LEDs respectively. ELECTRON SA also manufactures various solutions of custom linear fixtures with LED (recessed, surface, pendant, trimless) which are built according to the project requirements mainly with Cree or Nichia LEDs. ELECTRON also designs, develops and manufactures Premium Series of wall-mounted multifunctional Controllers, available in different versions to meet individual requirements and specifications: Leading Edge Dimmers, Trailing Edge Dimmers, Relay Switches, HF Fluorescent Controllers, Sine Wave Dimmers, LED Drivers, Dali Drivers. Moreover, ELECTRON designs, develops and manufactures ARLIC architectural lighting system, MICON architectural dimmers, LED power supplies, LED dimmers, LED converters, LED boosters, LED controllers, Splitters, Relay packs and other lighting equipment.

ELECTRON due to the 42 years of experience in the development and production of Lighting Management & Control Systems, has the ability, to offer unique solutions in terms of the lighting control. Each project is carefully designed and programmed in order to be perfectly functional, and easy to use for the end users, allowing the possibility to control each light source as desired. ELECTRON offers a variety of dimming options (DMX/ DALI/ 1-10V/ 0-10V/ Wireless), Bluetooth Control, and Emergency operation.

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ELECTRON SA is certified with ISO 9001:2015 for the design, development, production and marketing of professional lighting systems. Certificate_ISO_9001_EN_ELECTRON.jpg
> Any reproduction by means or whole of this prospectus in any way, is prohibited without the written consent and permission of ELECTRON SA
> ELECTRON SA reserves the right to alter specifications and other product information and to discontinue any product contained in this catalogue at any time without prior notice.
> Technical data valid at time of going to press.
> Errors and omissions excepted.
> Specifications and data may change without prior notice.
> Please note that the data included in this catalogue reflect statistical and not necessarily actual figures. Variations may occur in terms of the specifications of LEDs, such as CCT/ CRI/ W/ Dimensions, mainly due to the different production bunches of LEDs.

100% LED Installations
ELECTRON SA is proud to present 100% lighting installations, that have been realized with our products.

Worldwide Projects & Awards
The products of ELECTRON SA have already been installed around the world in hotels, lounges, restaurants, retail shops, showrooms, galleries, private residences, cruise ships, multipurpose rooms, estate halls, theaters, bars, shopping malls, theaters etc. Some projects have gained international awards.

Big Projects & Small Installations
We are eager to offer lighting solutions from a simple and small installation to big and complicated projects.

The sales team is eager to suggest the best solutions at the most competitive prices in the market.

The after sales department of the company is always available to our partners for technical information and back up service.

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With our 35 year experience and expertise on LED technology and lighting management systems, we are here to design, develop, and manufacture in order to meet your very custom requirements! profile 03
The lighting design team ensures the creation of installations with functionality and good aesthetics. profile 04
The production team is staffed with experienced and specialized personnel who guarantee product quality. profile 06
The production department is equipped with highly professional machinery. profile 07
The R&D team has experienced and qualified engineers who ensure the development of innovative products, excellent in technology and design. profile 08
The warehouse has stock of all necessary materials for short deliveries. profile 09

Photometric Test Reports

In an effort to better serve lighting designers, architects, resellers, electricians, end users, ELECTRON SA has established a close cooperation with the Lighting Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in order to provide accurate and reliable photometric test reports of our products.
The Lighting Laboratory of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) has been established in 1955 with experienced and qualified specialists.

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For most of our product range LDT files and extended test reports are available upon request.
Summary example:  TETRA SB-30-80-MS-23W058-24
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Request our catalogue on lighting management and control systems, made in Greece.
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Request our catalogue on Entertainment Lighting & Audio Systems.
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