ELECTRON was established in 1978 and since then has been a leading manufacturing and distributing company in the lighting field. The company has been active in the international field for more than 18 years and today exports its products in more than 60 countries worldwide, sealing its dynamic presence by participating in international lighting exhibitions around the world. It is located in Athens, Greece.

The company originally started in the theatrical field with the design, development and production of lighting management systems. Due to this experience, the company has deep knowledge and know-how of the electronics of the luminaires and the lighting management systems. Electron also designs and produces Casambi partner products (switches and drivers), used with the Casambi App available for both iOS and Android.

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ELECTRON SA is certified with ISO 9001:2015 for the design, development, production and marketing of professional lighting systems.


The Outdoor collection consists of a compete series of outdoor luminaires custom made with well-known and well established families of products. Linear outdoor luminaires include the design and production of wall washers and resin potted luminaires all custom made according to the needs of each project. All are offered with input cable and IP68 connector as standard, but with a possibility also for in-out cable and IP68 connector supplied as extra.  Protagon is the highest in performance washer and Elegant series consists of four different models: Elegant MAX II, Elegant Max, Elegant Midi and Elegant Mini. Resin potted linear luminaires have a variety of linear profiles including Outliner series (surface, recessed, installation with brackets) available in different widths IP67 (Recessed IP66) all custom made in terms of CCT, Wattage and length, offered at different dimensions custom made according to the illuminated areas. All resin potted luminaires offer excellent uniformity with colour consistency. Outdoor collection includes aslo a variety of Projectors such as Box, Conny and Tondo series offered at different wattage, CCT, beam angles and with a variety of accessories (snoot, honeycomb, tree belt, pole base and spike).

ELECTRON lounges its newest Terano 25 series. Terano 25 is an inground linear resin potted luminaire available either with opal or with clear finish with a length of up to 2m. It offers excellent uniformity with colour consistency. It is IP68 and IK10, available either with aluminium or with stainless steel luminaire body and mounting box. Outdoor collection also includes other inground linear, round and square luminaires such as Gretto the newest available series recessed and trimless, as well as surface mounted, recessed, wall, trimless luminaires, bollard and decorative rechargeable luminaires.  

Outdoor collection also includes ceiling recessed or trimless downligths that are offered in these categories respectively, as well as waterproof led strips and Milky flexible LED offered with a protection rate of etiher IP65, IP66, IP67 or IP68.



Marine Type features:

Powder Coating:
Ultra-durable powder coating that meets the requirements of GSB Master, Qualicoat Class2,
EN12206 (formerly BS6496), EN13438 (formerly BS6497:1984) and AAMA 2604.
Exterior Durabiliy:
Meets qualicoat class 2 requirements after 3 years Florida
Meets AAMA 2604-13 requirements after 5 years Florida
High Resistance to:
Weather, UV, Water and mould growth


RESIN material:
Tri- component polyurethane, transparent or translucent for homogeneous light dispersion.

Fully compliance with:
REACH, RoHS and ELV European Directives. EC – Directives 89/109 Contact with Food.
Resistance to:
Outdoor – Chemicals – Short term water immersion – Hot water. Thermal Shock – Heat - Abrasion
In accordance to:
Florida test, Arizona test, Xenotest, QUV-A test. ACID Rain test ASTM G87.




In terms of indoor luminaires, the range consists of a variety of custom made linear indoor luminaires: fixed, surface, adjustable with brackets, recessed, trimless, wall and pendant. All luminaires are custom made mainly with Nichia strips or Cree modules in the dimensions or shapes that fit in each space. Moreover, Electron offers interior spotlights with different shape and wattage consisting mainly of Calisto, Riena and Feria series with CREE or Bridgelux LEDs.

Electron also offers Click It interior system available in trimless surface or pendant application. There is an almost endless possibility to blend into the architecture of any space due to the variety of accessories that are available. Versatile and adjustable to changes as there is a flexibility and easiness in the repositioning of the luminaires by a click. Can be either placed on ceiling or wall. The luminaires consist of spots, zoom spot, frame, gobo, linear spots, washers, diffused linear flat or tubes and decorative pendant cylindrical and frosted sphere luminaires. The system is offered 42V PWM Dimmable or 48V DALI Dimmable. Most luminaires are offered either with CREE or Bridgelux LED. Click It is also available in fixed circles either surface or pendant with spots.

Electron Downlights include a great variety of recessed and trimless luminaires available either for indoor or outdoor use. The downlights are offered in different cutouts, depths and wattage, with a selection of the dimming option. Most are offered either with CREE or with Bridgelux LED and with L90/B10 50000h for monochromatic and 3step MacAdam. Some families of downlights offer a selection of accessories: honeycomb, softening lens spread lens and extra IP protection. All downlights are custom made in terms of characteristics CCT, CRI, Watt, beam angle, colour, dimming option and accessories. Electron also offers surface, pendant and wall luminaires most with the above mentioned characteristics.

Electron also presents the new custom made series of Disc, Eclipse, Loop, and Orbit luminaires. These are offered for recessed, trimless, surface, surface deco, pendant direct and pendant direct/indirect installation. Disc and Loop are offered in six different dimensions whereas  Eclipse and Orbit are offered in four different dimensions. Upon request custom dimensions may be also available. All luminaires are offered in two models: High Power and High Efficiency with options for low Glare ( UGR<21) and low UGR (UGR<19) respectively.

Electron collection also includes a great variety of aluminium profiles that offer limitless solutions together with a great collection of the finest LED strips. Prime Series and Supreme series consist of the highest quality of LED strips using Nichia and Samsung LEDs respectively. Electron also offers a variety of Milky flexible Leds offered with protection rate of IP65/ IP66/ IP67/ IP68. Milky flexible LEDs have vertical or horizontal or twist (both vertical and horizontal) bending possibility. Electron also offers fiber optics and a selection of LED Lamps that include Soraa and Sylvania.

Finally, Electron offers a great selection of Constant Voltage and Constant Current drivers. Electron, also designs, develops and manufactures Premium Series of wall-mounted multifunctional Controllers, available in different versions to meet individual requirements and specifications: Leading Edge Dimmers, Trailing Edge Dimmers, Relay Switches, HF Fluorescent Controllers, Sine Wave Dimmers, LED Drivers, Dali Drivers. Moreover, ELECTRON designs, develops and manufactures ARLIC architectural lighting system, MICON architectural dimmers, LED power supplies, LED dimmers, LED converters, LED boosters, LED controllers, Splitters, Relay packs and other lighting equipment.

ELECTRON due to the 45 years of experience in the development and production of luminaires, Lighting Management & Control Systems, has the ability, to offer unique solutions in terms of the lighting and the control. Each project is carefully designed and managed in order to be perfectly functional, and easy to use for the end users, allowing the possibility to control each light source as desired. ELECTRON offers a variety of dimming options (DMX/ DALI/ 1-10V/ 0-10V/ Wireless), Bluetooth Control, and Emergency operation.






Electron team consists of qualified and well trained staff with common view the delivery of products of highest quality.

R&D Department
The R&D department consists of experienced and qualified engineers who ensure the design and development of innovative products, excellent in design, technology, and ergonomics. Custom solutions and designs are also possible for evaluation and /or production.

Sales Department
The sales team has engineers with deep knowledge of the lighting industry who are eager to provide the best possible solutions in terms of functionality and aesthetics.  

Production Department
The production department has qualified staff who together with the high quality raw materials, and quality control ensure the delivery of excellent in performance products.  

After Sales Department
The after sales team is available to our partners for technical support, information, and back up service.

Electron luminaires are offered with their photometric data. Electron has in house photometry lab that ensures photometric data of the collection and at the same time quick reliable measurements for mock up and custom products. Electron also collaborates with the Lighting Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The Lighting Laboratory of NTUA has been established in 1955 with experienced and qualified specialists.





The Production



The Warehouse





Panathenaic Stadium  Athens, Greece Won
Best Project in 2022 Casambi Awards

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Lighting Design by George Tellos  
Special thanks to the Hellenic Olympic Committee
Photographer: Dionisis Koutsis

The Stadium

The Panathenaic Stadium is a classical cultural and touristic monument of Greece and one of the most significant monuments not only for Athens, but for the whole of Greece.

It is one of city’s most popular touristic attractions and one of Athens’ landmarks.
Its rich history is directly connected to the Modern Olympic Games as from their revival in 1896 until the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. It is also the place from where the Olympic flame sets up its journey to the cities of the Olympic Games, both Winter, Summer and Youth.


Goals/ Restrictions

  • Sustainability
  • Light Pollution Reduction.
  • CCT Adjustability
  • CRI > 90
  • Homogeneity and Uniformity.
  • Fixtures should be placed in the pre-existed 60 available points ensuring zero interference in the historical stadium.
  • Wireless individual control of each lighting point. MACs in the cabling infrastructure were not allowed.



  • Illumination of the stadium itself consists of 453 custom made Elegant MAX luminaires.
  • 360 fixtures used for the stands, placed in the pre-existed 60 (array of 6 luminaires in each point).
  • 93 fixtures used as used as safety units for illuminating the 2 level horizontal corridors.
  • Different lenses within each fixture to ensure vertical and horizontal homogeneity.
  • Separate aiming and stabilizing of each luminaire.
  • Custom DALI DT8 power supplies.
  • Individual control for each array of 6 luminaires.


  • Wireless mesh networking.
  • DALI DT8 TW control from dusk to dawn.
  • Time based scene for both CCT and power control.
  • Remote access through gateway.
  • Control hierarchy.


  • The new lighting system significantly enhanced the sustainability claims. Luminosity level drops to 80% after a specific time ensuring  sustainability.
  • Energy requirements have been reduced by 50% and light pollution by more than 70%.
  • Neutral White turns into Warm White as the darkness deepens.
  • Both CCTs, in combination with CRI>90, reveal the uniqueness of the Pentelic marble.
  • Excellent uniformity levels: elimination of both hot spots & dark spots.
  • Preserving the heritage of the historical monument with zero interference.



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